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Long Distance Piano Moving

Moving a piano from one location to another requires a significant knowledge and understanding of the instrument. From upright grand piano to studio upright, console, and other piano types, transportation entail disassembly of its parts, appropriate wrapping, temporary storing, tuning, transportation, and re-installation to the new place. Shifting this highly sensitive and valuable instrument becomes even more critical during long distance piano moving.
In this context, the role of a long-distance piano mover in reducing the mental and emotional stress is consequential. Such professional piano moving firms have experienced and full-time personnel, who have eloquently perfected the art of shifting such kinds of delicate instruments.

Importance of Hiring Experts for Long Distance Piano Moving

Moving piano to a long distance typically involves navigating the instrument to more than hundred miles from its point of origin. This covers every city outside the Greater Toronto Area, including Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Halifax, and Montreal. While hiring a long distance piano moving company, it is essential to ensure that the company is:

  • Expert in moving complicated, yet sensitive instruments like piano
  • Employs well-trained and experienced staff with adequate tools and instrument to take care of your prized possession
  • Offers award winning service, i.e. end-to-end piano transferring service
  • Boasts a track record of delivering fragile items safely within the timeline
  • Legit entity or fully licensed long distance mover
  • Provides moving insurance to safeguard your belongings
  • Offers a competitive moving quote

Long distance piano moving generally costs significantly higher than the local piano moving services. An average moving rate of a company is mainly based on the location of the move, distance traveled, and weight of the instrument. And so, it is a great idea to get a rough estimate for evaluating the overall cost of moving.

How The Model Works?

A professional company that specializes in long distance piano moving wraps the piano in multiple blankets so as to protect the surface of the instrument from getting gouged or scuffed. Their primary objective is to move the piano in such a way that any damage, scrapes, or bumps are avoided. Furthermore, a professional mover has special tools for shifting the instrument, such as piano board and piano dolly. Other steps include:

  • Dismantling the piano parts – the lyre, lid, lid hinges, and legs
  • Wrapping all the parts in moving blankets
  • Ascertaining proper humidity and temperature level inside the truck to circumvent any condensation inside the piano
  • Attaching belt/buckles to the sides of the piano and the instrument safely loaded on the piano dolly
  • The piano is securely navigated by the long distance piano moving company to the new location
  • Tuning and re-installation of piano at the new location

Do-It-Yourself Piano Shift Warnings

Many people attempt to move a piano by themselves in order to save the cost of hiring a professional moving company. However, an amateur piano mover may invite great dangers and problems like:

  • Damaging piano to the extent of repairing or replacing the instrument
  • Moving a piano is a difficult job as the instrument is very heavy and so, it is not easy to navigate, especially without accurate equipment and a great deal of expertise
  • Tricky to move the instrument down a ramp
  • No insurance or damage risks covered
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