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Nothing comforts a person better than a stress-free relocation. However, adding piano or any fragile items to the moving mix makes things more hectic and complicated – which are exactly the reasons that make a person opt for a reliable and effective Specialty Moving Service.
Undoubtedly, moving a piano or any other fragile items and valuable items safe during the move from one location to another is not the kind of work that a person would want to try or tackle on his own, for not only the instrument is heavy but also sensitive to handle. This, indeed, makes the move pretty tricky. In this regard, it is critically important to leverage the services of specialty moving Professionals that have the capability and resources to make a flawless navigation within long and short distances.

Who are Specialty Movers?

Specialty moving firms, unlike the regular long distance or local moving companies, specializes in moving heavy and expensive equipment like pianos. Specialty movers can also perform specific and delicate moving delegations such as gun-safe movers, jewelry vaults, entities burglary safes and standard safety/lock boxes. They have the specific, integral equipment and machinery for moving Uniques and precious belongings, valuable assets without causing any damage to the item or to the house.
The average weight of a piano ranges from 500 pounds to approximately 900 pounds. In fact, the weight of grand pianos varies from 700 pounds to 1300 pounds, and there are other pianos that weigh even heavier! Combined to this, in case many pianos are worth tons of hundreds of dollars, the role of specialty movers furthermore becomes a matter of the utmost importance.

Why Specialty Movers?

Pianos and other delicate musical organs require a number of settings while making a location move. Of which, some of the settings are quite difficult to manage on your own and require expert assistance from reputable professional movers. The specialty moving companies have skilled and experienced members of staff with years of knowledge to properly transport the instrument, without causing any damage.
Another notable factor to consider is the positioning of the piano during the transfer so that there is no direct contact with heat or heat source, which may impact or affect the instrument over time. Additionally, the instrument needs to be acclimated to the conditions of a new home for a minimum of two weeks, before tuning service is performed. Other known benefits of hiring the services of the specialty moving companies include:
No Hassle: Moving a piano involves multiple nuances and intricacies from dismantling to wrapping, storage, transportation, and re-installation of the instrument. This not only requires delicate handling and expertise but also is a time-consuming process. Specialty moving companies hire and train their staff to the highest level of diligence with well-experienced professionals that are skilled in managing and delivering valuable and delicate property.
Insurance: Specialty moving companies offer credible insurance in accordance with the rules and regulations of the province in case of any adverse circumstances.
Safety: Specialty moving companies ensure the safety of your valuable assets and your property during the transportation of your specialty move. By using proper lifting methods, experienced mover delicate preparation, safely handle, and transfer your valuable belongings.
Cost Efficient: Hiring specialty moving companies is not only time saving but also cost efficient, as their service includes a flat rate for packing, storage, and moving.
Personalized Services: They offer services that are tailored to match the individual needs and preferences. Besides, the communication channel is far more direct as compared to other service providers.

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