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Moving your valued belongings to a new place requires a great deal of planning, assistance, and appropriate logistics especially when needed to move very important, valuable and expensive piano that’s where professional piano movers will help you. If you have special requirements, such as moving your expensive and most cherished piano or organ, you need to be extra cautious.
Transporting a piano to a new place requires special expertise and training as its navigation may involve tricky situations like stairs with steep turns. In addition, handling the weight of a piano (that may weigh up to 1300lbs) is a tough row to hoe. In fact, if the services of professional piano movers are not engaged in such situations, your piano can be severely damaged, and you may incur extreme personal injury.

Why Hire Professional Piano Movers?

A piano is far more than a melodious instrument. It has great emotional and sentimental value attached to it. So when it comes to moving your Upright piano or Grand Piano, trust only reliable and premier piano movers who can ensure safety and tuning of the piano.
Unlike a conventional residential move that requires traditional packaging materials, tapes, and boxes; relocating a piano necessitates an exceptional knowledge as well as a skill set, because the average piano weighs up to 700lbs. Such a massive weight is difficult to handle even for an expert household mover. It needs suitable equipment, such as piano skids, ramps, moving blankets, moving van. Whether a person is looking to transport only a single piano, or other households / commercial belongings along with a piano, a professional moving company takes on the guaranteed safe delivery of all possessions.

Another important factor is the possibility of tight spaces in a house. In the age of steel and concrete, most offices and homes are constructed in close-fitting spaces. Therefore, a piano may not be able to appropriately fit around sharp corners and winding hallways. In this case, the piano may require dismantling along with re-assembly of its parts. Only a trained expert is capable of successfully performing this job in the correct fashion. What’s more, pro piano movers also assure the safe installation of your piano without causing any damage to the house or floor.

In addition, different pianos are made in different models and are constructed in different time periods. Their value may be as high as $500,000 or more. Only reputable and expert piano movers can make sure that the instrument is moved with the utmost care. This means that whether you are moving a piano long distance or transporting the instrument locally, it is managed by piano specialists.

Likewise, whether you are considering to move an Upright piano, Grand piano, Concert Grand piano, Baby Grand piano or Spinet piano, only experienced piano movers knows how to manage variations in temperature and moisture content in the air, which may shrink or swell the soundboard of the instrument. Most of the piano movers have appropriate equipment and techniques to control these environmental variations and preserve your piano during transportation.

Last, but not the least, if you attempt to load and move your piano without hiring professional help, you may end up causing damage to your instrument, for instance, your piano may tip onto its side while being taken down the stairs. A moving company that specializes in moving pianos offers insurance to safeguard your valuable instrument against such adverse situations.

We offer local piano moving services in many of South Ontario Cities, so you can find our local piano moving crew near you:

  • Piano Movers Ajax
  • Piano Movers Milton
  • Piano Movers Barrie
  • Piano Movers Aurora
  • Piano Movers Guelph
  • Piano Movers Toronto
  • Piano Movers Oshawa
  • Piano Movers Oakville
  • Piano Movers Vaughan
  • Piano Movers Markham
  • Piano Movers Brampton
  • Piano Movers Waterloo
  • Piano Movers Hamilton
  • Piano Movers Etobicoke
  • Piano Movers Kitchener
  • Piano Movers Brantford
  • Piano Movers Burlington
  • Piano Movers Cambridge
  • Piano Movers Newmarket
  • Piano Movers Mississauga
  • Piano Movers Scarborough
  • Piano Movers Richmond Hill

Piano moving cost

Most of the piano moves requires from 2 up to 5 piano movers depending on the piano type and place where from they have to be moved. The moving cost also depends whether it is a local piano move or long distance move, or even overseas piano move. Sometimes there are very difficult situations when we have to take extra service like lifting a piano with crane through home’s window.

It’s always the best to ask piano movers for quote which you can always get free within 24 hours.

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 5 reviews
Piano Moving & Tuning review in Toronto

This is a very heavy old piano. Came out of a house in Oakville and was delivered to my house in Toronto. These guys did a great job, went above and beyond to make sure there was no damage to the piano or either of the houses. I was not looking forward to this day, however hiring these professionals made this a great experience! I live in a townhouse with an awkward entrance and tight hallways and these guys ensured they didn't damage anything!From what I saw today, I will definitely recommend these experts to move anything and everything for anyone.A+++++

Piano Moving & Tuning review in Toronto

The two young men doing the delivery were among the most professional in any delivery business I have come across. Not only were they polite and efficient, but they also took care to ensure the piano was moved without damage to it or anything else. Both were extremely strong. We have a steep hill up which they manoevered the piano masterfully (in the heat of the summer). They laid down mats in all places including on decking and kept the piano wrapped until the very last placement. They also set up the piano bench and ensured all packing materials were tidied afterward. Then they called after delivery to ensure everything went okay. I would highly recommend these movers!

Piano Moving & Tuning review in Toronto

The guys were efficient, careful, polite and very strong... they did a great job! I would highly recommend them, I was very pleased with their work! Thanks!

by Pamela in Toronto on Piano Movers Toronto, Ontario
Piano Moving & Tuning review in Toronto

We needed a piano mover at the last minute because our regular professional movers couldn't get our extremely heavy older piano down the stairs. Hercules took on the job last minute at the end of a very busy day, and then spent 6 hours inching the piano down and around a tight landing. They planned each movement forward, measuring and re-measuring. Despite the close quarters, there was not a scratch or mark on any of the walls or the piano itself. And even though they were exhausted on arrival (after midnight), they were polite and pleasant and frankly quite amazing. Pure pros!

by Lily in Sauga on Piano Movers Toronto, Ontario
Moving & Storage review in Mississauga

Hercules piano movers Team provided solid service. The quote process was timely and seamless, which was appreciated. On the day of the move, the team showed up on time and did a great job. They were professional but approachable too. There were some minor deficiencies toward the end but we probably wore them out by was a long day.

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