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Piano Disposal

Pianos are fragile instruments that require extra care while making a move from one part of the country to another. Many people, in order to save money, attempt to handle this delicate instrument by themselves. This comes at a high risk of damage to the instrument, or injury to the mover during the relocation process.
Retaining an unused, damaged piano can be frustrating, especially when the instrument takes up a large part of your living space.

Damaged Piano Disposal – A Choice or Obligation?

As the value of damaged and used pianos has plummeted in recent years, some people opt to break down their old and used piano by themselves, or to hire the services of a piano disposal company that offer same day junk removal.
However, hearing the sound of your once valued possession being smashed into multiple pieces can be jarring and brutal. And so, it makes sense to either donate your damaged instrument to a church/school or seek assistance from a professional piano disposal company that can dispose of your piano in a more amiable way. A number of piano movers make regular runs to:

  • dump pianos
  • dismantle instrument parts for resale
  • restore the damaged piano and sell it at a reasonable price to artists
  • Recycle the instrument to make furniture, make artistic metal plates, build a door, create metal sculptures, etc.
  • simply burn it for firewood

Dismantling Procedure of An Old or Damaged Piano

A professional piano disposal firm, in the first place, evaluates the condition of the instrument to ascertain if it can be dismantled or salvaged. Based on the instrument’s exterior and interior condition, its relative market value is determined. Accordingly, the basic parts of a piano are removed. During the process, the key parts of the instrument are saved (such as key buttons, Ivory heads, ivory tails, plastic key tops, key leads, key sticks, etc.) to turn them into innovative pieces like a shelf support, music support board, and decorative house additions. Consequentially, the worn-out hardware parts are drilled out and salvaged.

Recycling Pianos

Pianos are made of hundreds of pounds of wood, metal sheets, and sophisticated machinery. With multiple moving parts, the instrument is costly to repair and its restoration requires long hours of labor by skilled technicians. Therefore, instead of investing hundreds of thousand of dollars in bringing a damaged piano back to its regular functioning self, a person can buy a new instrument and dump the old/impaired instrument through the use of a piano disposal company.
Piano disposal firms take in old pianos and repurpose them to bring about an effective and economical use of the instrument’s worn-out components. Some of the popular creative things created from an old and damaged piano are:

  • Piano transformed into a PC tower case
  • Organized as a liquor cabinet
  • An innovative bookcase
  • Transformed an old piano into a beautiful aquarium
  • A bed headboard

Why Seek Professional Help for Piano Removal or Disposal?

  • Flexible removal of piano
  • Charges nominal fee for piano removal
  • Expert team handling the packing and removal of piano to ensure zero damage to your house while taking away the instrument
  • End to end piano removal support
  • Guaranteed personable yet professional service
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