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Piano moving and storage will be one of the more daunting tasks, as you transition between your homes, or renovate your existing home. For not only is the size of piano large, but also the monetary and sentimental value attached to the instrument is exceptional. Due to this, a number of precautions are required to be taken as it is moved and stored to prevent any kind of irreparable or expensive damage.

To keep your piano safe and sound from external and internal damages, it is a wise decision to hire a professional service provider offering specialized services in moving and/or storing the instrument in a secure storage environment.

Secure Short and Long-term Piano Storage Company

For long distance move, it is imperative to seek the help of a professional company that has a great deal of experience with pianos. Such companies employ experienced staff to carefully disassemble and wrap your piano along with ensuring its proper placement in the new home, unlike a regular furniture mover. Furthermore, some pianos are considerably heavier than they look (they may weight up to 1300lbs) and hence require special training and knowledge to make such a move.

For your consideration, listed below are some of the notable reasons for engaging a professional piano storage and moving company:

  • Protect Against Damage: Attempting to lift heavy objects like a piano can take a great toll on your body while causing damage to the instrument in the process. A professional service provider has a degree of experience with necessary the tools, and trained employees for safe and secure piano storage. As a result, the likelihood of an accident is significantly reduced.
  • Piano Logistics: Whether a person needs to store a piano for the long term, or short-term while making a move to their new location, a professional service provider will house the instrument in a safe, temperature-controlled environment with regulated humidity, round-the-clock CCTV monitoring together with fire-control systems and alarm system.
  • Space Optimization: At times, people assume that relocation may require numerous portable storage units. Conversely, all that is required is better utilization of the space. Only a professional piano storage mover is aware of an appropriate arrangement of everything to make every bit of the space inside.
  • Functioning: Only specialists understand the complete structure and functioning of a piano. This, in turn, makes it convenient for them to get the job done a hundred times, without causing any damage to the instrument.
  • Reputation: Hiring a reliable piano storage company with a strong reputation in the market means the company will take the best personal care of your instrument to maintain the company’s reputation. After all, what organization would like to tarnish its reputation and earn negative reviews?
  • Time-Saving: A DIY (do-it-yourself) activity of piano moving and storage may take the better part of all of your day, beginning from loading the instrument to storing it in the new unit. Piano movers are proficient at working at an effective pace to complete the job, without wasting a fraction of your precious time.
  • Cost Saving: Avoiding piano moving companies can cause damage to your much-loved and cherished instrument as any damage to the piano may cost you a more to repair it than to hire professional piano movers. By hiring a professional piano storage company, you can in fact save money and time.

We offer local piano moving and storage in many of South Ontario Cities, so you can find our local piano moving crew near you:

  • Piano Storage in Ajax
  • Piano Storage in Milton
  • Piano Storage in Barrie
  • Piano Storage in Aurora
  • Piano Storage in Guelph
  • Piano Storage in Toronto
  • Piano Storage in Oshawa
  • Piano Storage in Oakville
  • Piano Storage in Vaughan
  • Piano Storage in Markham
  • Piano Storage in Brampton
  • Piano Storage in Waterloo
  • Piano Storage in Hamilton
  • Piano Storage in Etobicoke
  • Piano Storage in Kitchener
  • Piano Storage in Brantford
  • Piano Storage in Burlington
  • Piano Storage in Cambridge
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  • Piano Storage in Mississauga
  • Piano Storage in Scarborough
  • Piano Storage in Richmond Hill
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